2 Skulls and a Snake

Turning my digital paintings into physical pieces of artwork. Here I have turned one of my Digital drawings into a physical piece of artwork. Using my ipad as a light box to trace over my artwork. Once traced onto A4 acrylic paper I then have used Goauche to paint in the colour.

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Aloe Vera Skull

Recently, I have been trying to get back into painting more. Watching a Jason Dill talk and how he said to be creative on everything gave me the push to start again. Picking up some gouache paint I was gifted at Christmas a few years ago I have been trying to develop my own style. […]

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Two skull and Snake

Little digital illustration experimenting with more bright colours in Procreate with its acrylic brush. Two skulls with a snake wrapping it’s self around the heads. Dark vibes with bright colours.

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